A Cream Maker's Diary
A cream makers diary! Your guide to starting out your own cream making journey. Whether you are trying to start your own skincare business or for personal use, with 20 different recipes including: Carrot lightening cream, Tomato lightening cream, Rose moisturizing cream, Coffee deep moisturizing body cream, Turmeric lightening body cream, Orange & lemon body cream, Stretch marks removal cream, Anti-aging face cream, Skin repair serum, Armpit whitening cream, Armpit whitening serum, Miracle face cream, Whipped Cocoa body butter, Whipped skin lightening body butter, Lavender lightening lotion, Grapeseed lightening lotion, Sandalwood lightening lotion, Rice milk lightening lotion, Body cream for children and Eye brow growth serum. Detailed procedure on how to make each item and easy to get ingredients.
Author : Summer Okoh
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fashion
Number of Pages : 20

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