Serah Iyare

Books by Serah Iyare

broken bottle

Every one that came her way, be it male or female, got wounded one way or another. Losing the love of her life opened her eyes to her catastrophic and thorny lifestyle. Was there hope for a second chance? 3

bukky alakara

Bukky Folorunsho had to move in with her aunt due to the challenges her parents were facing. She had no formal education and the search for her daily bread was nightmarish. Gbemiga Phillips was the first child and only son of his parents.His family believed that he was destined to bring them out of poverty. Like ripples, the different seasons they encountered in their lives spun several unstoppable events that led to a cascading end.

heart strings

HIS WORLD BECAME FROZEN when his fiancée called off the wedding without giving any explanation. An act of kindness introduced him to another. Will she be able to melt the ice-wall around his heart?

winds of fate

One harmless conversation. One sheep in wolf clothing. One night of heart wrecking torture. When the winds of fate blew, nemesis came knocking at everyone’s doorstep.

bff: best friends forever

Didi and Mara were childhood friends. Nothing in the whole wide world could ever separate them. One man rocked the boat of their friendship. Will their relationship sink or withstand the overturn?

as deep as the sea

Promise Daodu was posted to Abuja for her NYSC programme, but, circumstances beyond her control made her to desert the capital city and return home. She started afresh in Lagos but the ghost of her past returned to haunt her incessantly, leaving no room for escape. The desire for freedom consumed her every thought. Will she ever be free?

razor tongue

Her lips spit venom. Her very presence spelt doom for all. Her family hated her with a passion. Her friends deserted her after tasting from her bite. Everybody wants her out of their lives but she stuck to them like a leech. One unguarded moment led to a series of events which left her as vulnerable as a day old baby. Bingo! Everyone wants their pound of flesh.

together forever

When love found them, their bliss was unimaginable. The flood of life rose against them, rocking the boat of their union. Will they stand the test of time or be crushed under the weight of challenges and problems?


Like a square peg in a round hole, she felt alienated from her family. Determined to turn things around, she crossed path with one who soothed her aching heart. Will he be able to mend her shredded world?


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