The book is made up of 22 poems and short stories that covers all areas such as happiness, love, relationship, hope, depression, existence, religion, suicide, work, career and existing as a human. A human of all ages. There are different things people feel at different times and the author tries to highlight all these possible emotions as well as societal issues as we see in "be a man", "wives and husbands" and others. In the long form poem "what sets my soul on fire", the speaker highlights relatable things, feelings, emotions and situations that sets one’s soul ablaze. In the satiric poem of "if God could talk", the speaker speaks of a fed up, yet merciful God. 22 is an all-round collection of some of your life's moments which shape you for the better or worse. Its indeed a poetic bible that should heal and give light if way to its readers.
Author : Stephanie Chizoba Odili
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 44

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