29 LESSONS AT 29 - The Millennial's GUARANTEED Guide to Life, Relationships, Money, Education and Career
Award-winning author, ChinyereDistinguished Anoke, in this easy to digest book gives every millennial a robust blueprint to life, relationships, money, education and career. 29 LESSONS AT 29 is subdivided as follows: Part 1. LIFE: Faith, Values, Choices - How to create multiple viable options for your life through deliberate decisions and actions. Part 2. RELATIONSHIPS: Dating, Singlehood, Marriage - How to make the most of life’s biggest economy – relationships; and manage people’s expectation from you. Part 3. MONEY: Earn, Save, Multiply - How to become financially literate, intelligent and independent. Part 4. EDUCATION: Read, Learn, Produce - How to consistently invest in your personal development, without breaking the bank. Part 5. CAREER: Passion, Purpose, Profit - How to know, understand and walk in a clearly defined career path that gives you both money and fulfilment.
Author : ChinyereDistinguished Anoke
Published : 18 May, 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 94

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