2Prisoners 1Psycho
EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK ...One day, I got a ring from the state police station. I was nervous... although I knew I have not really done something out of place, I wasn’t sure which of my siblings I have to bail this time; how much it will cause and then the offense. I could remember the last time Josh was in the cell. Someone had smuggled a sachet of cocaine in his pocket – as he said. ...He promised me the day after his bail never to be brought to the police station again. “Could it be Gloria then?” I said to myself. Maybe this is going to be her second time of being locked up. The first time was her night at a club where she was mistaken for a night worker because of her outfit. ... a small black net gown that shows her red plain bra and panties with a golden waist chain in between both. I have told her many times not to wear those kinds of clothes until she had to accept my advice after a bitter lesson. She had sworn that she won’t be brought here again! COMTINUE READING IN THE BOOK
Author : Oluboyo Kudirat Adedamola
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General
Number of Pages : 32

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