A Night with Harriet
Have you ever met someone so captivating? So fascinating? Yet so dangerous? Someone you know you should run away from, yet you are so drawn to her that you find it hard to. Well, I have! Her name is Harriet. Just one night with her changed my life. You don’t choose Harriet, she chooses you. And if she chooses you, you RUN!!! Meet Benjamin Ikeoluwa, your handsome successful business man with the world at his finger tips. His life was so perfect that nothing could go wrong. That is, until he meets the beautiful Harriet. He is intrigued by her but the question is: Who is Harriet? What is her mission? What does she have in store for you? And most importantly, what happened that night?
Author : Opemipo Omosa
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 62

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