ANA Review 2018
From poems that raptly attack the shenanigans of the moments to short fiction that leaves us with bare-faced faction of imminent reality of a society lost on many ethical fronts. So we came face to face with the raw edges of "vampire herdsmen" in Benue, Plateau, Taraba and much of the North Central through the lines of Igba Ogbole, Richard Inya, Egbonwachi Oluchukwu Jacobs, and many others. Inya's 'In the Kernel of Service,' where "Giant hawks prey on pension funds" is a biting analytics of lost terms of existence and a rather morbid unmaking of national ethos that leaves us with a blast on our emotions as he yet bellows that, 'This path is not far from mass murder.' Amaka Blossom Chime added a more direct echo of the situation, in some sort of situation report, 'The Land Writhes in Agony.' We are soon to be confronted by starkly naked lines capturing the angst and fears of the moment: "My land weeps and trembles/for the blood soaking/for violence and oppression." From this epitaph to the miasma of undoing strewn on the psyche of a people, the bloody unfolding and continuing bloodiness of our national space recasts all the prospects of decent development and becoming into doldrums of hopelessness. Therefore, from poem to poem, the story of change losing track and traction pasted itself on the voices and punches of our emergent literary talents. Muhammad Kaigama Alwali Kazir's 'Chibok 269' unsettles the space more with the currency of the nuisance a country makes of her maidens in a most reckless rubbishing of the substance of female education in Chibok and Dapchi. It is through this poem that we have the opportunity to retune our sensibilities to the long nights of darkness left over an innocent Dapchi school girl Leah Sharibu, still locked in the cocoons of Boko Haram. Kazir's lines sends torrents of goose bumps down our spines: You left your beds untouched/ the taps running/Your dinner uneaten, your exams unfinished. What more ways can we be reminded that this country is yet to be serious about the welfare of the girl child. When will these girls come back to have proper dinners and write their unfinished examinations?
Author : Association of Nigerian AUTHORS
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 340

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