After the Line
After the line is a compelling and thought provoking book, which brings to light certain realities that a lot of people are most oblivious to. The events in the book are drawn from true life occurrences, and is told through the eyes of a nine year old girl, Seun Blaque, the daughter of the main character, Timisire Blaque. Timisire Blaque has a beautiful life and family. Her life is near impeccable, until she is forced to come to terms with an imminent reality that would change her life forever. In her quest for fulfilment, she would have to lose her life to birth a new life. Tragedy will strike and catch everyone off guard,thereby bringing to life certain realities that would change their lives forever. Perspectives would change and personalities would be altered,as the One who lives beyond the skies would wield his sceptre of magnificence in a spectacular dimension. After the line is a Christian fiction book,that takes the reader on a somewhat enchanting ride, while highlighting realistic occurences.
Author : Oyeyemi Olabode
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 168

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