OLODUMARE is currently plotting various challenges for the unsuspecting people of the Yoruba land. Times have changed and a new orisha is to be reborn into the lands—one who will impeccably lead the people as Olodumare would; one who is brave and pure; one who has the grace to save the Yoruba land from the deathly snares of ESU. But the chosen one is yet to be found. Alas! only one has come this far and has managed to pique the curiosity of the supreme God. While Olodumare observes this human child with his fellow orishas, Esu is also plotting series of unfortunate events to ensure that the child who is said to embody the touch of Olodumare will fall. ALIMA's one wish is for her father to be well again. She wants nothing more than to save her father from his strange illness. Papa Alima had been rejected from the hospitals in the city several times, the native doctor has not been able to administer proper medications, and to top it all, they are impoverished. She refuses to let her only family die, after the death of her mother. Following her encounter with OKO, another earthly orisha, she sets out to sought after gods and supernatural beings to help save her father. Unknown to Alima, she falls prey to Esu's sly tactics several times, but she always seems to find a loophole. In her quest to find her father's cure, she faces life changing obstacles and threatening impediments. Alima finds love in the darkest of all places as she endures betrayal and pain.
Author : Feranmi Durojaiye
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 42

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