All Things Have Ears
He called things that were not as though they were, and they responded to his call as though they existed before. A Raven bird by research was said to be stingy to the extent that they don’t feed their offspring, yet A Raven bird was commanded to feed Prophet Elijah throughout the famine. How did the raven identify Elijah, was he the only Prophet alive at that time? Yet it didn’t miss its way. Who described to the frogs, gnats, locust, flies etc where to attack in the whole of Egypt? Why did they attack only the Egyptians and not the Children of Israel in Goshen? What amazes me was that they ceased after Moses would have ordered them to cease. It just showed that it was a deliberate command and they listened and obeyed. Science taught us that there are two kinds of things on earth; Living things and Non-living things, they gave us their attributes and differences, as much as they are very correct I discovered in my research that there exist only living things in the sight of God. A close look into how God addressed the so called “Non-Living” things and they responded, you would agree with me that all things are living, and when it comes to God, all things responds as living.
Author : Oluwafemi Alabi
Published : 15/11/2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 43

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