Becoming Your Dream Person
Your future satisfaction and happiness depends on the fulfillment of your dreams and visions. I have discovered personally that the only thing that makes me feel on top of the world is getting my desires come true. Think about the people you know who are truly satisfied and happy with their lives and you’ll discover that they are those doing exactly what they want to do. They are those living within the actualization of the dreams and visions they had in their mind yesterday. They are not people who are just getting bye or trying to survive. They are not those trying to live to be like or please others. Real happiness comes only through the fulfillment of your dreams. This presupposes, and rightly so that you must have a definite vision for your life. Where there is no vision, there is no future because the people get involved in a lot of worthless things and destruction meets many along the path. People who don’t have vision don’t have life. In Becoming Your Dream Person, you will learn how to develop life-transforming visions and map out strategies for their actualization.
Author : Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran
Published : 2009
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 106

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