Behind Closed Doors
What would you do if you were a homosexual in a country where being gay is severely frowned upon and considered a taboo? What is the ultimate price to pay if you were different, gay? Lagos playboy, son of an ex-beauty Queen; and sole heir to the Johnson fortune, Henry Johnson, is facing a stunning controversy because of his sexual orientation . . . He loves men, yet the thought disgusts him and throws him into turmoil, that is, until he encounters Phoenix, a bisexual male stripper and prostitute who is wildly ambitious and will do anything to climb the social ladder. Phoenix is the one man that opens his eyes to the taste of the forbidden fruit, to what it feels like to hold another man, to kiss another man, and to bed another man. One taste of the forbidden gay fruit and Henry knows he's trapped between Society's expectations, his duty to his family, and his hidden love of men. He'll have to question EVERYTHING he knows, his very own existence.
Author : Kingsley Adrian Banks
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 282

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