Behind Dark Clouds
Just as the title explains, the story introduces us to a young lady, Monalisa Chimecheta whose home was invaded as a child. She was raped and her family assasinated, leaving her with a child, Christabelle to raise. The question of how she was going to raise her child was what propelled her to succeed, not only academically but also to bring to justice the faces behind those masks that had robbed her of her innocence. Monalisa Chimecheta runs away from home to her school teacher Mrs. Madueke who takes her in and trains her like one of her own and sends her out of the country to finish her education. She returns after becoming a doctor and claim her father’s hospital. Several attempts are made on her life and those she loves are not safe because she wouldn’t stop probing into the past. Her foster father, Mr. Madueke, who is a lawyer lends a hand and hires an investigator to trace to take the odour of the murderers and he wouldn’t stop until she, Mrs. Margaret Chimecheta makes a mistake that leads the Investigator to her. Meanwhile Monalisa find love in the son of her benefactor, Christopher Madueke and he will not let her push him away.
Author : Chinelo Mgbeadichie
Published : 2015
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 414

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