Big Data For Small Business For Dummies
Capitalise on big data to add value to your company.  Big Data For Small Business For Dummies explains what big data actually is and how it can help you make better business decisions and transform your business model by developing products and services. Topics to be covered include:   Using big data to make better decisions in small businesses SMART methodology Using big data to transform your business model developing new offerings, products and services around data How small companies can get their hands on big data public data, social media, free data, ways of collecting and accessing data (generate, provoke, etc.) Understanding the technological change that underpins big data cloud, hadoop, MapR, etc. Analytics: How to turn our data into insights types of big data analytics (text analyse, video analysis, image analysis, etc.) Developing big data competencies in small businesses skills shortage, expensive service providers, partnering, crowed sourcing, etc. Creating a big data infrastructure in small businesses rending resources, no in-house footprint, cloud, SAAS solution overview (Google, Amazon, SAP, etc.) Developing a big data strategy for a small business Ratings:

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