Body Heat
Everybody knows that Glory Murray, CEO of Murray Group of companies and the ‘Dreaded King of Nigerian Finance’, is a goddamn ice cold bastard. From the boardroom, to the ruthless deals and takeovers, to the once in a while sifting through of women with no promises of commitment, Glory has earned a hard, cold eyed reputation for himself. The problem now, is that this reputation is being threatened by none other than Glory himself (or so it seems): he wakes up one morning to the realization that there was a strange woman in his bed and he apparently put her there, but he has no recollection of doing so. Glory finds himself delving deeper into the rabbit hole of his own mind, where dark secrets lurked, secrets that could destroy the only family he'd ever known, and the bond he'd started to build with Falana - his nurse. As Glory races to regain his lost memories, his sense of self and remember who Falana had become to him, only one question stands: Is it worth the burn?
Author : Nomi Cane
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 423

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