Thinking her name sounds old is the least of Henrietta's problem; at least she has decided to go by “Henrie,” which is occasioned by people thinking she is male before they see her. Her biggest problem is her boyfriend who is of the opinion she belongs to him as part of his possessions. Then there is the younger brother who hates the sight of her. Let’s not forget his girlfriend Ada who gives her sympathetic and smug looks at the same time (if that can be possible). Richard is a medical doctor and the best thing in his life is his relationship with Henrie Daniel. She is such a wonderful person and if he can get her to be submissive, obedient and dependent on him then she would be the perfect woman. What is wrong with a man and a woman being just friends? Charles can’t figure out why his brother gives him a dubious look when he tells him Ada is just a friend. Charles has a problem and that’s Henrie, his brother’s girlfriend and this problem escalated when she moved in with them. Seeing her is a great inconvenience for him and he really doesn’t want her around. Please don’t ask him why. Ada can’t fathom the reason why Charles seems to despise Henrie and support her at the same time. Charles is the man of her dreams and she will try her possible best to make him see her as more than a friend. Disaster abound when the four of them started staying together. The uncomfortable Henrie, domineering Richard, frustrated Charles and confused Ada. Throw in forbidden love and you have a recipe for disaster.
Author : Annabelle Simon
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 217

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