Broken Cloud: The First Sunrise
Prince Ikan is Heir Apparent Prince of the kingdom of Iluji where the sun does not shine. To make the spell of darkness go away, kings traditionally offer slave girls in a 'grand sacrifice' to the gods of the land. By the bank of the river called King's Flow, Ikan meets Sarie, a slave girl and could not resist her charm. Any romantic relationship between them is a taboo punished by hanging the slave girl but the Prince and the slave would hope the darkness will hide them and he swears to protect her with his life. When a prophecy comes from the gods that Ikan will be the prince to bring sunlight to Iluji, he finds himself in a deathly dilemma. He must sacrifice Sarie to the gods or see the darkness continue forever and the dynasty's collapse.
Author : Ray Anyasi
Published : 2015
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 220

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