Building A Conscious Career
Are you struggling to build a career that makes you happy? Are you caught up in the demanding and constantly evolving workplace of today? Do you wish your work was more impactful? Do you feel building the career you always dreamt about is now out of reach? Or do you have to choose between pursuing your passion and pursuing money? As the world continues to enjoy rapid changes in technology, the people who are most affected by the new dynamics are employees. Today, the average employee switches jobs 12 times in their career. This means job stability is waning and today’s employees are constantly seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career. Therefore, there has not been a better time to help guide millions of people who have questions on how to build the careers of their dreams.
Author : Abosede George Ogan
Published : July 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 100

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