CAUSES OF FAILURE Failure is real. Nobody likes or desires it, but most people earn it. It is a bitter pill to swallow. A student who has not successfully passed all his subjects/courses with the needed requirements may be asked to repeat the class, given an extra session, bag a carry over, asked to withdraw from school or graduate with low/poor grades. Every student dreads failure because of these outcomes. This book is on how to pass exams without tears, but it would not be worthwhile learning how to study for exams without first identifying what failure is, its causes and how to avoid it. A football player who is very good at dribbling goalkeepers and scoring goals but does not know when he is offside or what foul or free kick means, will end up achieving nothing. In the first section of this book, some possible causes of failure, which are very common among students, will be discussed and suggestions given on how to avoid them. Do not be afraid to admit any truth found in the next few pages of this book. Do not shy away from them or pretend they do not affect your studies. Do not begin to think of people whom you know engage in them, condemning them and justifying yourself. The human mind likes to shift blame on others; but this will not help you. Sit down and see how it affects you, then take necessary steps to make amendments. It is not enough identifying the causes of failure, but finding lasting solutions to them is more important. The causes of failure are discussed in this part.
Author : Sam O. Salau
Published : 15/10/19
Book Type : Book
Category : Educational
Number of Pages : 38

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