Church and The Fight Against Kidnapping in Nigeria
Kidnapping dates back to Ancient Near East and is still happening in the contemporary world. In contemporary Nigerian society, kidnapping is rampant.Kidnapping for any reason is a crime against humanity, it reduces man to the semblance of an animal. It has created insecurity, threat to national security and adverse effect on our political, social and economic life.Kidnaping and other violent crimes such as insurgency and terrorism have painted Nigerian nation white and black in the comity of nations and placed the nation among terrorist nations in the world. Violent crimes of which kidnapping is among has denied Nigeria the peace professed in the National Pledge. To this end, this work intends to showcase how this inhuman act would be addressed by the positive role of the Church.Chapter one elucidates the introduction to the study of kidnapping in Nigeria. Chapter two shows the overview of the book.Chapter three explore brief history of modern Nigeria, origin, patterns, targets, purposes, causes and effects of kidnapping. Chapter four portrays the positive role of the Church in ameliorating kidnapping in Nigeria . Chapter five brings the book to an end. The research concludes that the Church with its positive role can ameliorate kidnapping in Nigeria.
Author : Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 56

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