Connect to Correct
A recent report on the drivers of violence against children in Nigeria, compiled by UNICEF, it was found that Nigeria has the highest number of caregivers in sub Saharan Africa, who perpetrated violence against children in the name of discipline. It’s time to call attention to the eternal truth that until you connect, you cannot correct and connection answers to knowledge skills and attitude. If you are struggling with misbehaviors in your child, this book might be that answer you are looking for. Connect to Correct is a guide to intentional parenting. The 21st century is a tough time to be a parent and a child. There are better ways to ensue you get your children to do the right things without having to resort to yelling, abusing threatening or hitting them. You can connect with them in the most interesting ways and put them on the right path of life. This book reveals strategies that will help you create boundaries with your child without any fear based control. It’s woven with excellent parenting strategies that arms you with knowledge and actionable steps that drive the two wheels of successful 21st century parenting: making meaningful connections with your child while setting wholesome standards.
Author : Wendy Ologe
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 85

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