Anika is a captive in the net of pirates, she finds herself being sold and resold to the highest bidder till she gets to the ship of Scorpion and his brothers. In a bid to protect herself and her fragile friend, she enters Scorpion den and now she has to do everything she can to survive which includes exchanging her body for the goodies. She’s done this for as long as she can remember till she gets her plan on track to escape the ship with the information she gathered from Scorpion’s shelf. Ratted out, she is forced back into the ship and the unusual starts to happen...she starts to fall for the almighty Scorpion against her wish but Scorpion would surprise her when she least expected, he bought her freedom and now she has to fight to stay on the ship with a very intense sexual turn of event.
Author : DAHL
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 104

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