Don't Die a Lion in the Cage
Abiodun is someone one can described as comfortable by some; a well paying job, property in his name, good connections and a loving family, yet he lacks something. Despite the fact that everyone sees him as successful, his inner voice would not be quiet nor leave him alone. He is hurt and unfulfilled. Instead of relishing in his achievements, he feels empty and is in need of help. His spirit and soul seek expression and everyone around him is oblivious of all these – family, friends and colleagues. The allegory within this story is an eye opener and it teaches a great deal on the price of freedom and inner satisfaction. Did Abiodun follow through on his choice or he lingers on...? Find out from DON’T DIE A LION IN THE CAGE.
Author : Aremu Sunday
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 16

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