Don't Mess me up
The central theme in this book is love. It is one of the subjects that has been misinterpreted, wrongly and grossly misrepresented in the community of men. This subject in question is made complex by the corruptness of the human nature, the complexities of human activities and worldly corrosive system. So simple, yet made complex; so clear, yet misconstrued, not only verbally, but also in attitude and lifestyle. Do not get me wrong! It is not love that is perverted; it is the meaning that is distorted. Enshrined in the cosmos are the self-centered feelings, reasoning, and actions towards selfish satisfaction most of the time and these are the particles we have taken as the meaning of love. Don’t Mess Me Up is a clarion call to the world to see love as it truly is as against what we have wrongly interpreted it to be, and these features are grossly drawn from the Holy Book. Again, we are to find out that love is a person. He is not just a feeling. He lives. Fanatical? Undeniably, there is the human side to the nature of love.
Author : Aremu Sunday
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 33

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