Eba Odan Eba dan Ibadan
Poetry is no longer seen as short words arranged in stanzas, unlike its counterparts. People are beginning to see poetry for what it is - an artistic painting, not with colours, but with words. The ink of a poet has the potential to stir up thought in a way unique to itself. The saying, words mean nothing, reads like blasphemy to a poet. It is my hope that every reader will see the socio-cultural and historical issues that are taken into consideration in the poems. If asked to summarise this book, I will say, it is a blend of history and love. These two factors mused the poems you are about to read. This book is named after Ibadan, the largest city in Nigeria. My love for the city and its history are the reasons these poems were written. As you read the poems, laugh and enjoy what it has to offer. As you laugh, look at your surroundings and ask yourself this: Why did I laugh? You will laugh more after that. I hope you find the poems educating and interesting.
Author : Marvellous Oyebanjo
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Poetry
Number of Pages : 22

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