Echoes Of My Journey
Echoes of My Journey by Oluwasegun Femi Fragile is an insightful analysis of a man’s pursuit of his choice(s) and his daily travel to his desired destination. It unveils in expressive details how he treads, adjusts to change, embraces pain and his communication with the voices in his head. This book is an adventure embarked on with mixed feelings; a sojourn of purpose with the will to conquer oneself or not. The author reveals in rational lines a diary of a man on a journey to find himself. The trip on which he thirsts to strike a balance against the heaviest storm without which it will be difficult to attain relevance. Without a doubt, this book will serve as a motivation to everyone out there battling with negativity. It is a fusion of motivation, fiction and gratitude. A blend of harsh reality and lingering hope; it strikes the mind to question the actions of the body yet leaves man something to smile about. Though an eBook, this is one to be carried in your thoughts after several scrolls on your phone, tablet or computer. It is an imperfect but worthy work of art, you should get it.
Author : Femi Fragile
Published : June 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Adventure
Number of Pages : 120

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