Elements of Decay in Some Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria
Nigeria having thousands of Pentecost Churches coupled with the variety of religious programmes and activities they organize daily, it would be assumed that there will be high level of decency and moral living especially among the members of these Pentecostal Churches. But a thorough examination of the life style of the laity and members of some of the Pentecostal Churches, show that they are not found wanting in immorality. Some of the pastors from these Pentecostal Churches through healing ministry materially and spiritually exploit people, prosperity message is their main gospel while salvation message has been relegated to the background. Organization of revivals and crusade with the sole aim of making money and attracting youths to their Churches. The establishments owned by some of the Pentecostal Churches are beyond the reach of the poor members as cost of accessing the services of these establishments are exorbitant. Sexual immortality is not exempted as members accuse pastors of attempted rape, court cases between Churches are on the increase as well as Church leadership crisis which most times is settled by the secular court. These elements of decay in some Pentecostal Churches paint the Church black and white and is inimical to the growth of Christianity in Nigeria hence, there is need for genuine revival to restore true Christian practice by believers in Nigeria. Chapter one opens with introduction to the book. Chapter two reveals elements of decay in Christianity. Chapter three dwelt on Pentecostalism in Nigeria tracing the brief origin of Pentecostalism in Nigeria, general characteristics of Pentecostalism, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. Chapter four exposes elements of decay in some Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria which includes; rivalries/unhealthy competition, materialism/prosperity gospel and commercialization of religious objects, proliferation of Churches, rejection of priest, abuse of spiritual gifts, neglect of poor Church members, simony in ecclesiastical office, lack of evangelism into interior villages, sexual immorality, divorce, Church leadership crisis, indecent dressing. Ways to curb immorality in the Church such as proper teaching of the gospel, practicing Christian values and prayer. Chapter five concludes the book.
Author : Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 56

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