Fulfilling Your Life Assignment
This book ‘FULFILLING YOUR LIFE ASSIGNMENT’ is inspired by the revelation made available to me through the greatest teacher-Holy Spirit. It’s a book that reflects the reason and importance of human creation. To everyone there is a purpose for our creation in the mind of God, but people seldom dream to be one thing or the other without finding out the purpose of their creation. No wonder joy, peace and fulfillment tend to be a mirage; even after achieving their fabricated dreams. You are not a downcast mirage. There is something God has in mind for you to achieve for Him before He created you. You’ve got to find it! Anything outside is a purposeless life. A wasted life. This book is written to help you find the real you, His programme for your life and not your own fabricated programme.
Author : Oloja Azeez
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 73

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