Handling Academic Failure
A wise man takes his time to learn both the secrets of failure and success. He learns the secrets of failure to avoid failing and that of success to succeed. The essence of this book is not to build a monument around your failure, but to teach you how to get the best from your failure so that your life can bounce back and move forward despite the failure. Failure is not very palatable; it has dire consequences. You may be asked to reseat the examination, repeat the class, bag a carry over, asked to withdraw from school, or graduate with very poor and unsatisfactory grades. This is why most students detest failure, but some still fail anyway. Therefore, every student needs to learn how to handle failure so as to get the best out of it. If you have ever failed before, the last time you failed is the last time you will ever fail again; the truth you will learn from this book will guarantee that. However, if you have never failed before, this book will guarantee that you maintain the record of a clean slate all your days as a student on campus. This is all you need to put academic failure in its right place, and keep achieving success all your days on campus. This book will teach you exactly that; how to handle academic failure so that you can cross over the boundary of failure to the side of success in any examination.
Author : Sam O. Salau
Published : January 2009
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 27

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