Hell Road: The Courier
A courier's commission goes south when he is marked for termination by diabolical forces in this arresting, fast-paced thriller. Caught between the throes of ghastly machinations, the butchery of betrayal, and the blasphemy of love, Seba, the courier, must defy all odds to fulfill his obligation while negotiating survival on a perilous path. The Glove wants him. The Agent wants him alive. The Senator wants him dead. A sitting duck in a sea of woes, the courier is at the unfailing mercy of fate. Luck, love, and life are at stake. Seba has it all to lose...unless he finds his way out of Hell Road.
Author : Tom Lash Kilo
Published : 2021
Book Type : Book
Category : FICTION / Psychological
Number of Pages : 433

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