Her Seducing CEO (Pleasing Xavier 1)
She wants to be his girlfriend but all he can offer is life-changing, couch-overturning sex… For most of her life, soft-spoken and naive Tamara Abbey has known that angels once were on earth and they impregnated human females who gave birth to the first Nephilim. That was years ago. Now, there are no more angels left on earth. Now, Nephilim and humans try to live in peace, side by side. Then at a job interview, Tamara is offered a job as executive assistant to the conglomerate’s CEO. Her new boss is dreamy. Xavier Osagie. Wolf-eyed with cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass. But, it’s strange. She’s never seen him eat. He only sips from a flask. And, he carries around a gold-bladed weird dagger. What kind of CEO needs a dagger? Xavier is an enigma. Now he wants to have sex with her. But the catch is… He’s offering life-changing sex and nothing more. Life-changing sex. She didn’t know such a thing existed! But her dark and sexy boss with the most appealing amber eyes she’s ever seen is not the only thing on her mind. She’s been recruited by a shady group who call themselves the Soldiers for Unity. A group with a compelling message: There are still angels on earth...
Author : Sable Rose
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 150

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