Hormones on Fire
When the feelings roar and the heart races on a spot and the hormones begin to swim freely, all we see are roses glittering with scents of deception and love-birds spinning in orbits of lies but behind the mirage is a flameless fire that burns with fury. When the grip, the hype and the dazzle are gone, that’s when you discover an irreparable scar and your innocence robbed. Gregory--the ‘most-sought-after’ as he’s fondly called, had no other obsession at the time except Alero—the ‘brilliant, beautiful but naïve’ newest student of Rockfield College and would do anything possible to make her go out with him. However, of all the girls in the college that were willing and ever-looking forward to date Gregory despite his taste and wish, Cynthia was the most desperate and she’d sacrifice anything to get Gregory’s satiating attention. Sam, Gregory’s ‘runs’ friend and Cynthia’s favourite ‘employee’ would do anything for money. When it comes to his best talent, he can woo a snake. The whole saga began soon as the rich dude and son of a former senator-Gregory, returned from his extended winter vacation in England. Little did any of them know of the evil to be unleashed via their firing hormones just before their second term in SS2 ended. You’ve got to find out!
Author : Niyi Olamiju
Published : 2015
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 146

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