How To Enjoy Kingdom Currency
We have always been told that faith is a currency of heaven. What if I told you the kingdom of heaven has several other heavenly currencies and gave you practical insights on how to access and enjoy them here on earth? This book shows exactly how to access and convert kingdom currency like wisdom, knowledge, understanding, etc to dollars, pounds, euro, naira, yen, etc in order to enjoy the wealth of the kingdom here on earth. A lot of kingdom citizens are rich in spiritual terms but they do not know how to convert these riches into tangible physical wealth. This book is your practical, step by step guide to enjoying heavenly wealth in earthly measures. Every country has a currency peculiar to it and so does the kingdom of heaven have several currencies in its currency system. Every kingdom citizen who wants to enjoy the wealth of the kingdom must know how to access these currencies and convert them into tangible wealth for enjoyable and profitable use here on earth. When the ambassador of the United Kingdom to Nigeria gets paid in pounds which is the official British currency, he has to convert his pounds to naira in order to enjoy his pay on Nigerian soil. it is in the same way a kingdom citizen living in any earthly nation gets supplied in kingdom currency and has to convert them to tangible currencies in order to enjoy them.
Author : Iredafenevesho Owolabi
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 236

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