How To Make Money While in School
Only God can accurately estimate how much money flows around your campus on daily basis from one hand to the other in exchange of a needed good or service. At least, two of every ten students you meet on your campus have your money in their wallets! But unless you do something, none of it will flow towards your end. If you are a student, have you ever thought about making money as a student while on campus? How possible is it to successfully combine your academics as a full time student, your spiritual life as a religious person, and still have time to make enough money to make ends meet while on campus and to build a great foundation for your financial life after leaving the four walls of your campus? But it is possible. This book will open your eyes to the numerous wealth opportunities that abound all around you on your campus, and the potentials embedded on the inside of you to take advantage of these opportunities, to the advantage of your life. It is a book every student can not do without. Among other things, this book will show you * 100 Businesses you can do on campus * How to know which is best for you * How to start up your business as a student * How to raise the capital you need * Why students’ businesses crumble * How to guard against such in yours * Investment opportunities available to students * How to balance it up with your academics
Author : Sam O. Salau
Published : January 2014
Book Type : Book
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 191

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