How To Maximize Kingdom Currency
Do you want to know exactly how to use kingdom currencies to impact your nation and transform lives? The first volume of this trilogy was focused on how to access and convert heaven’s currencies into money in naira, dollar, pounds or euro, for personal satisfaction here on earth. But this volume goes a step further! It shows how you can access these kingdom currencies and use them to transform the lives of others and to impact your nation. That is what maximizing kingdom currency is all about and that is God’s desire for you. Each chapter gives practical steps and insights on how to make your intangible wealth into tangible cash, it does not stop there. It goes on to show how to make the best us of these currencies to impact lives and transform nations. This book is Volume two in Kingdom Currency series but it can be read independently and yet understood.
Author : Iredafenevesho Owolabi
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 208

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