How to Receive Godly Breakthroughs
How to Receive Godly Breakthroughs I and my wife had a delay before she conceived and gave birth to our first baby after we got married. During this delay, we prayed and waited on God fervently. When it was time to receive this miracle, the devil sponsored a distraction as we made preparations to separate ourselves to pray. I sensed the breakthrough moments spiritually, the devil and his cohorts also saw that the breakthrough was around the corner and they tried to stop us from waiting upon God in prayer at that time. The devil's plan was to make us miss the breakthrough that God had prepared to hand over to us. There are indeed breakthrough moments. Christians must understand this. There are also calculated strategies from the devil and his cohorts to stop these breakthroughs from getting to you. This book shows simple tips you need to know to recognize a breakthrough moment and to wait on God to receive your breakthrough. Download this book today, read it and use the content. You
Author : Sesan Oguntade
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 29

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