I Had His Love First
No one remembers who came in 2nd... There has never been a shortage of drama between Samantha and her sister Adriana. From the womb they have always been in competition and that doesn't stop when it comes to Men. When Samantha tries to introduce her sister to her new love things get crazy. Not only does Adriana sweep Scott from under Samantha's nose but most of all...Adriana has no sympathy or remorse for Samantha's feelings. A match is thrown to the gasoline pit of Samantha's rage which turns their sisterhood into a WAR. Meanwhile their best friend Gabby has secrets of her own that will destroy the trio forever. Will the ladies stop fighting long enough to see the truth or will they self destruct.
Author : Solae Dehvine
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 86

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