Ifechukwude is a true life story which takes you on an intriguing journey of abuse, rejection, pain, finding purpose and love. She shows you that your pains are not just about you but they’re also about the many who will be rescued as a result of your survival. And she walks you through the tough but exhilarating processes of forgiveness, healing and finding gain in the midst of pain. This book will make you laugh, cry, scream, sigh and pray. It will help you find: practical applications that will transform your relationships and inspire you to have a purposeful and fulfilling marriage; how to create beautiful messages from your mess; and how to get your healing amid hell. The journey is not always comfortable, but it’s definitely worth every ounce that will lead you to your purpose and a never ending gain. Read Ifechukwude if you’re wondering how to make sense of any unpleasant experience life has thrown your way.
Author : Grace Solomon
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Memoir
Number of Pages : 131

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