Income Mastery
Do you want to make more money from your skill or your talent? What if you do not even think you have any talent and will need to start from the scratch discovering what you can do to start making money? Your situation could be better and you have a job working for someone, but you want more pay, or you are already making money as a self-employed person from your craft as a creative. Do you complain of being paid too little compared to what you offer? Or are you paid a salary or earnings that is generally too small for your growing expenses and you feel you can do better than that. This book INCOME MASTERY: how to become highly paid for what you do, is your best guide. In it I showed you 5 simple steps to move from zero to a highly paid expert in any field you play in. It is so simple that you can do it. Your financial situation is the way it is because you haven't taken the right steps to improve it. I consider this book one of my best work so far
Author : Adiemea Obed
Published : 2021
Book Type : Book
Category : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / Wealth Management
Number of Pages : 56

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