Influential Parenting
As the world continue to advance in age and technology, our teenagers and young adults are faced with more pressures from various sources which puts a call on parents and adults to higher parental responsibilities than it was in yester years. Children are a blessing and it is the joy of every parents to see their children make them proud in the near future. Therefore, parents, foster parents and adults have a role to play in raising the young ones decently with the necessary values needed to navigate through life. To achieve this, the early stage is the best time to start laying the foundation, we need to support them physically, spiritually, financially, communicate with them effectively and help them put words to their emotions when they have difficulty expressing themselves etc. Much more, every parents and adults can be a model of best behaviors to the young ones and ensure they are surrounded by positive influencers as much as possible. While it is sometimes said that good parenting does not guarantee parental success, it also important to note that good parenting makes a lot of difference. Find out more on practical approach to influencing a child positively as well as consideration of what to do when we encounter parental challenges. Wishing you a happy parenting!
Author : Yemisi Aluko
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / General
Number of Pages : 56

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