Journey From the Dark
Evelyn Johnson couldn't wait to share her story with the world. Born in a remote village where first female children were buried alive, her survival wasn't hitch free. Her journey through success was not a bed of roses. Her parents who did not want her to fall victim of the evil tradition of their land had no choice but to elope with her to another village. This angered the king who ordered his guards to follow them in a hot pursuit. Evelyn’s parents had to go through the ‘Odo’ forest. It was believed that ghosts and all kinds of evil spirits resided in that forest. It was also believed that whoever walks through the forest at night will be captured into the spirit world. Hence, people only walked through the forest during the day. Passing through that forest was not an easy task for them but they, as parents, had to do all they could to save the life of their baby girl. Then, the unexpected happened…
Author : Ayomide Ayano
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 35

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