Kingdom Currency (Volume 3)
Have you ever wondered if God had a recipe for the cancer in today’s society called unemployment? Have you ever desired to be so excellent or to build a global business brand? This book is designed to cut down unemployment in any society by 75%. Did you know that if you were the son of a king and you needed a good job, you would get the best without any application? How come many people who are sons of the King of kings still grope in the dark corridors of unemployment? This book shows you how to get the best jobs around the world without an application. This is no gimmicks! It also shows you how to become a person of excellence and how to build a global business brand with the use of kingdom currency principles. This is that one book that would put an end to any uncertainty in your academics, career and business. Do not hesitate to get this book. It is a destiny changer!
Author : Iredafenevesho Owolabi
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 211

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