Lemon to Lemonade
Lemon to Lemonade is a Masterpiece that tells a very realistic and evolving story of a young girl's transformation. It tells a practical story of the challenges teens and young adults experience, practical ways to overcome them and most importantly, a guide on how to come out better. It is a very pragmatic and extremely relatable guide to self discovery and personal development. It is a guide for every teen/youth counsellor, parent and guardian on practical ways they can get the best out of every teenager and young adult. It's a MUST READ for every teenager, young adult, teen mentor/coach, parent and guardian. Embedded in Lemon to Lemonade are 10 proven and trusted steps that any individual regardless of your age bracket can religiously follow to transform your life from 0 to 100 #Fact.
Author : Ruth Okoli
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 45

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