Living A 1st Class Life With A 3rd Class Degree
This book is not about history, theory or theology. It is about bringing life to your dead dream of becoming a first-class personality in life, although you have a third class degree. Unknown to you, while on campus, the main reason why you really desired to graduate with a first class was not just for your friends to respect you or for your family members to be happy for having a first class graduate in the family. Much more than these, hidden somewhere within your heart, is a secret aspiration to want to live a first class life in the future. That dream should not now be aborted simply because you did not make a first class in school. Armed with this understanding, you will agree that graduating with a first class in school is only a means to an end and not the end in itself. The end in itself is living a first class life. The good news is that there are so many means to this end, and this book reveals those means. Know this for sure; nothing catches God unawares. Whatever happens, He knows about it. Sad as it may sound, God knew afore-hand that you may not fare better than you did, and He is prepared ahead of time to help you. He is not disappointed in you. God looks at things differently than man does. This is because man is easily impressed by the wrong things in life, neglecting the things that matters. Men may write you off, but God won’t: It is not in His nature: Adam and eve failed God’s exam in the Garden of Eden and could have easily been written off by God. However, the whole Bible is a record of God’s plan and effort to reverse that failure; that is God. He looks beyond the present into the future. Succeeding in school is not the same as succeeding in life; likewise, failing out of school does not necessarily mean you have failed in life. A pass mark in the first does not guarantee a pass mark in the other, and a failure in the first does not guarantee a failure in the other. You may be passing out with a third-class result now, but this does not make you a third-class material. Every student is a first-class material, only that the field in which they excel differ. Those who excel in academic work are easily noticed and awarded first-class earlier than others. But this is not to say others cannot excel in other fields.
Author : Sam O. Salau
Published : January 2014
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 148

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