Living in The Father's Love Zone
Living In The Father's Love Zone is an epistle to the church. The revelation of God's love is the arrowhead of a definite revolution which will reposition the church as an irresistible voice to the world in the days that we are in. It is spirit-breathed to re-calibrate thinking processes and to some degree, reorder value systems as on prayerfully subscribes to its transforming insights. Every page of Living In The Father's Love Zone promises to bring deep revelations that will usher you to greater heights in your walk with God. Discovered from this book will bring you into instant emotional and physical healing and deliverance from burdens of guilt and satanic oppressions. One thing is sure: you cannot read the book and remain the same. Get ready for change. Your heart will be ignited; your faith will be fired up, and your walk in the spirit will be highly elevated. Indeed, God is doing a New Thing! Here it is! The Love Revolution.
Author : Goodheart Ekwueme
Published : April 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 139

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