Living in the Digital Age
Anyone who is living in these times and knows nothing about the internet is not truly living in this age. Since when the internet became accessible to individuals through personal computers and recently through the mobile, the internet has altered how we live. The internet as literarily connected the world. With your smart devices such as a BlackBerry, iPhone, Tablets, Phablets, etc you can send messages to people through texts, voice, or video formats across several platforms online and know about events happening in any part of the world. You can also get access to tonnes of information about almost every field of endeavor. The internet has also affected and is changing the traditional way we carry out our activities from our everyday commercial activities like buying and selling, learning, communications, etc. In this book, I have helped to identify the basic things you need to know as an individual on the internet. Have a safe reading!
Author : Collins Okere
Published : 2015
Book Type : Book
Category : Educational
Number of Pages : 11

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