Local Government Administrative System In Nigeria: Reflection On the Creation of Enugu East Local Government Area
Local Governments across the globe are meant to be the closest tier of governance to the citizenry. It unarguably provides a platform for people to feel the impact of government, their voice heard and their pulse felt. Regrettably, in Nigeria, the reverse is the case as some unscrupulous politicians and administrators use it as an avenue to amass wealth, enrich their cronies, and impoverish their locality. This unpleasant scenario continues to play out in her political culture and firmament unabated. It has made citizens distraught, heartbroken, and traumatized as their dream of participating actively in governance in their locality has been hugely shattered. This book introspectively x-rayed the origin of local government administration in Nigeria, with particular focus on Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State. It moved a step further to highlight and synthesize the processes it passed through to the present moment. To cap it up, the author proffered ways in which local gov
Author : Joseph Agbo Ugwumba
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : History
Number of Pages : 159

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