Look Beyond School
Starting college is a major transitional stage in one’s life, but leaving college is a greater one. The day of convocation, which marks the end of this stage of your life coincidentally marks the beginning of another. It launches you forth into the larger world outside there; a world in which you have to find your own footing for yourself, a world which accommodates the survival of only the fittest. Such a world should not be entered unprepared for. The convocation ceremony is a bridge between the artificial campus life and the real world. It is a link between the imaginary future students build for themselves while on campus, and the factual world outside there, where, irrespective of your desires, only what you deserve is all you get. You will soon be a graduate, and the whole world will rejoice with you for a job well done, whether you pass out, as it is commonly said, or you fail out, which nobody dares say! Everybody comes to rejoice with you, at least, for going through school successfully and not dropping out on the way. That makes you a graduate, and it is worth the celebration. For you personally, if you must be sincere with yourself, the convocation day is always a day filled with both excitement and nervous apprehension. The convocation ceremony will soon be over. The music will soon fade. The dance will soon stop. Your guests will soon leave. The hall will soon be locked. And you will soon be left alone to do just one thing - decide what your fate will be! Look Beyond School: You will soon be a Graduate.
Author : Sam O. Salau
Published : March 2014
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 53

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