Lost in the Wind
Our journey to Lorelo town became bitter when we encounter Matete fighters who kill anyone they see in their territory. Olawale escaped from his cousin and dashed out from the hidden place . He knew it was risky, but he took that bold step. Everywhere was silent and terrifying; all he heard was the sensational voice of the birds. He was afraid seeing blood and human parts on the ground. He was shivering like a sick man looking all angles if he would see his people. It was only him on that deadly way, walking helplessly, seeing vultures feeding from human flesh. As he walked towards the junction, he heard triple gunshots that sounded so close and mean. He ran so fast and firmly without looking back until he got to a corner to rest. He sat gently on the ground, massaging his legs with his soft palms feeling every pain, tickling his toes with the tip of his fingers. As he stood up and about leaving, he heard footsteps right so close behind him with the feel of a palm on his shoulder.
Author : Inuwa Usman
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Adventure
Number of Pages : 39

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