Many Shockers for Miss Lucas
A ransom of six hundred thousand pounds has been paid for the release of the Vice President’s daughter. The police believe the money has been secretly transferred to Sandra Luicers, a member of the kidnapping mob, but unknown to them, the money has been mistakenly delivered to Sandra Lucas, a young beautiful lady who coincidentally bears a closely related identity with Luicers. With the police after Miss Luicers, Miss Lucas thinks nobody knows she has the money, but some people do. Some people who include Benzon May, an old courier agent that will not keep his mouth shut, Henry Cole, a seasoned journalist who is looking for a big story, Harry Whyte, a greedy blackmailer that wants a fat share, James Sydney, an ex-commando that is ready to double-cross any other person, Floyd Jefferson, an angry police officer that is working without authority and Jim Jackson, a professional killer. All set out after Sandra Lucas to set forth a fast moving story, full of action and suspense that characterize Ola Adepegba’s stories. This is a story that will certainly cost you some of your sleeping hours.
Author : Olasunkanmi Adepegba
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Thriller
Number of Pages : 85

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